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Emerald Skies Summary

July 16th, 2017, 12:23 am

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Posted by ESkalecki

Post Petalburg
- Devon the Anorith, lvl 20, quiet, battle armor ability, male
- Liam and Poseidon both get new scars
o Liam gets one across his right cheek
o Poseidon gets one across his chest
- Elon gets new outfit from her aunt
- Volkner gives Elon the HM for Surf
o Poseidon learns Surf
- Pallet decides to leave the team and Victoria (Trapinch) takes his slot
o Broly doesn’t react all that well to Pallet leaving, but keeps his emotions bottled up
- Thought about bringing in Persephone’s parents/siblings to give her more backstory
o Basically learn she’s of noble blood and nearly started a turf war between two packs after running away

Mauville (Again)
- Volkner tags along with Elon since the closest airport is in Mauville
- Silver collapses on Route 110 and is rushed to the Pokemon Center
- Wattson asks Volkner to investigate New Mauville’s strange activity
o Elon tags along, leaving Silver and Liam at the Pokemon Center
- Liam has a conversation with his father (Sarge)
o He basically tells Sarge that he’s a shitty father and Liam doesn’t need his approval anymore and that he has found a new family
- New Mauville
o Magneto the Magnemite, lvl 24, lax nature, sturdy
o Volkner fixes the generator while Elon trains Victoria
- Upon returning to the Pokemon Center the group discovers that Silver has laid 3 eggs
o Elon arranges the eggs to be sent over to Poseidon’s mother and her trainer in Lilycove after a minor freak out
Route 118
- Alina the Zigzagoon, lvl 26, brave, pick up, female

Route 119
- Berri the Tropius, lvl 26, adamant nature, chlorophyll ability
- Elon gets a call from Brendan who is being held hostage at the Weather Institute
o All of his Pokemon were KO’d by Team Aqua
- Elon kicks Team Aqua ass, aggravating Shelly
o Victoria evolves into Vibrava
- Harumi the Casteform, bold nature, lvl 25, forecast, female
- Brendan joins Elon on her way to Fortree
o Brendan tells her that he isn’t doing the league challenge anymore as he realizes that he’s not cut out for it

Fortree & Route 120
- Gabby and Ty appear again (sent in by Shelly)
o Silver dies from a critical Thunderbolt from their Magneton
o Poseidon goes into a rage, evolving into Swampert, and uses Take Down on Magneton (whether or not he actually killed it was never decided)
- The team takes the loss extremely hard
o Poseidon closes off his heart, making him unable to “talk” to Elon. He disappears for several days after burying Silver. Elon spends most of that time searching for him with Brendan’s help.
o Persephone’s emotions reach their breaking point and she has an emotional break down, unable to handle her own emotions in addition to the rest of the team. She runs off at one point and meets Hades
o Liam starts to overwork himself in training, not knowing how else to deal with his grief
o Broly is taken aback by Persephone’s breakdown. He’s numb by the whole ordeal.
o Victoria tries her best to keep spirits up, but mostly keeps to herself
- Hades the Absol, lvl 27, Serious nature, pressure, male
o Hades is from Mt. Pyre he finds Persephone crying alone and talks to her, letting her vent and process her emotions
o Hades “joins” the team, sensing something about Elon’s fate
- Pele eventually takes Silver’s spot, after several weeks and Poseidon’s consent/blessing
Elon vs. Winona
Pele vs. Swablu
Rock Slide KO
Liam vs. Pelipper
Protect from Spark
Spark KO
Victoria vs. Altaria
Dragon breath vs. Dragon breath
Switch for Jasmine
Dragon breath
Earthquake(A) vs. Rock Slide
Switch for Liam
Aerial Ace
Spark (paralyze)
Hyper Potion
Spark KO
Poseidon vs. Skarmory
Surf vs. Sand Attack
Surf KO
Persephone vs. Tropius
Bite vs. Solar beam (charge)
Bite vs. Solar beam(fired)
Hyper Potion
Bite vs. Solar Beam(charge)
Switch for Liam
Solar beam
Spark vs. Synthesis
Spark (paralyze) vs. Synthesis
Spark vs. Synthesis
Strength vs. Synthesis
Spark vs. Aerial Ace
Spark KO

Route 121 + Safari Zone
- Cerelia the Gloom, level 28, serious nature, Chlorophyll, female
- Didi the Doduo, female, level 27, bold nature, Run Away
- Mina the Pikachu, level 27, female, Jolly nature, Static
- Napa the Psyduck, level 20, male, mild nature, Damp
- Hyde the Rhyhorn, level 29, male, mild nature, Rock Head
- Paris the Pinsir, lvel 29, female, bashful nature, Hyper Cutter
- While in the Safari Zone, Hades gets a vision about Mt. Pyre and urges Elon to hurry there

Mt. Pyre
- Bailey the Shuppet, level 27, careful nature, insomnia ability
- Vanessa the Vulpix, level 27, Rash nature, Flash Fire ability
o Hades’ cousin (father’s side)
- The members of the team see spirits in the thick fog of Mt. Pyre’s outer grave yard and get separated
o Liam sees his mother and she tells him that she’s proud of him and that she loves him
o Elon sees Nala who apologizes for not being strong enough. Elon apologizes for not being able to protect her. The two finally get closer
o Broly sees Aeolus. Aeolus encourages Broly to move forward and past Persephone
o Poseidon sees Silver and the two share a very tearful goodbye
- The team reach the elders and are informed that both Aqua and Magma stole their respective orbs. Elon reluctantly flies to the Jagged Pass on Victoria (Elon hates heights/flying)

Jagged Pass
- Tori the Torkoal, lvl 30, female, impish nature, White Smoke Ability
- Tank the Geodude, male, lvl 27, Modest nature, Sturdy ability
- The team kicks Magma butt, but fails to stop Maxie from awakening Groudon. Maxie tells Elon where the Aqua hideout is

Lilycove + Slateport
- Elon teams up with Darren and Tsuna (Poseidon’s mother and her trainer) to tackle the Aqua hideout
o Elon finds out that Archie is actually on his way to Slateport
- Elon flies to Slateport but fails to stop Archie from stealing Stern’s submarine
- Elon hurries back to the Aqua Hideout
o Ion the Electrode, lvl 30,
- Elon kicks Admit Matt’s butt and gets more information about Aqua’s plans

Route 124
- Tenta the Tentacool, lvl 24, male. Jolly, liquid ooze

Mossdeep + Shoal Cave + Route 125
- Sabrina the Spheal, lvl 30, female, timid, thick fat
- Skipper the Wingul, lvl 18, male, bold, keen eye
- Victoria evolves into Flygon

Elon vs Tate&Liza
Persephone & Poseidon vs Xatu & Claydol
Bite(Claydol)&Blizzard Calm Mind(Frozen) and Earthquake
Bite(Xatu) Surf(Xatu KO) Solrock sent out
Bite(Claydol KO) Surf Lunatone sent out
Double Surf KO

- After a quick recovery they meet with Steven at the space center where Magma appears
o Elon and Steven each take out grunts before teaming up to take on Maxie and Tabitha
o Tabitha’s Camerupt uses Earthquake which brings down a large section of the building down on everybody
o Steven’s Metang barely manages to keep people safe
o One of Liam’s legs gets crushed by debris, having pushed Elon out of the way during the chaos
- Liam recovers at the Pokemon Center, but loses a portion of his leg. Steven pulls some strings to get him a high end prosthetic.

Seafloor Cavern
- Elon battles Archie to stop him from awakening Kyogre. She defeats him, but Shelly gets a hold of the red orb and awakens Kyogre herself.
- Maxie shows up, frantic, and leads them out to show the chaos that is unfolding outside
- Steven shows up and tells Elon to follow him to Sootopolis

Sootopolis + Sky Pillar
- Kyogre and Groudon are duking it out in the center of the crater
- They meet with Wallace at the Cave of Origin
o Wallace tells Elon come with him to Sky Pillar as a means to summon Rayquaza so that it can stop Kyogre and Groudon
- Elon beats Wallace to the top of the pillar where Rayquaza awaits
o Rayquaza isn’t pleased with being disturbed and doesn’t want to help Elon stop the other titans.
o Elon pleads with the dragon and manages to convince it to stop Kyogre and Groudon
- Elon flies back to Sootopolis on Rayquaza since Victoria is exhausted
- Kyogre and Groudon both attack Rayquaza
o Elon is sent falling to the ocean and is saved by a Deoxys whose core was in the meteorite she was to deliver to the space center
- Rayquaza defeats Kyogre and Groudon
- Elon goes off to train for a bit while Sootopolis starts to recover from the brawl
o Underwater -- Lightning the Chinchou, male, impish, Illuminate, lvl 20
o Route 130 -- Walter the Wailmer, male, docile, oblivious, lvl 37
o Pacifidlog -- Dagger the Sharpedo, male, impish, rough skin, lvl 31
o Route 133 -- Miku the Horsea, female, naughty, swift swim, lvl 28

Elon vs Juan
Broly vs Luvdisc
Sweet Kiss from Luvdisc
Switch for Liam
Thunderbolt OHKO
Broly vs Whiscash
Mega Drain OHKO
Broly vs Sealeo
Mach Punch OHKO
Broly vs Kingdra
Leech Seed vs Double Team
Switch for Vicrotia
Double Team, Ice Beam
Switch for Liam
Ice Beam
Thunder KO
Broly vs Crawdaunt
Mach Punch vs Taunt
Mega Drain KO

Ever Grande + Victory Road
- Amora the Luvdisc, female, lvl 31, hardy, swift swim
- Sterling the Aron, female, lvl 36, lax, rock head ability
- Haru the Hariyama, male, lvl 40, naughty, Thick Fat ability
- Steele the Mawile, male, lvl 42, calm, Hypper Cutter ability
- Pallet rejoins the team
o He was basically a flash light in Victory Road
- Wally shows up and Elon kicks his butt

Team line up
Poseidon Water/Ground
Ability: Torrent
Hold Item: Mystic Water
HP: 184
Attack: 136
Defense: 109
Sp. Attack: 122
Sp. Def: 106
Speed: 82
Persephone Dark
Ability: Intimidate
Hold Item: Black Glasses
HP: 161
Attack: 110
Defense: 98
Sp. Attack: 94
Sp. Def: 86
Speed: 95

Broly Grass/Fight
Ability: Effect Spore
Hold Item: Miracle Seed
HP: 140
Attack: 143
Defense: 98
Sp. Attack: 92
Sp. Def: 79
Speed: 99

Liam Electric
Ability: Static
Hold Item: Magnet
HP: 163
Attack: 108
Defense: 74
Sp. Attack: 145
Sp. Def: 78
Speed: 119
Victoria Ground/Dragon
Ability: Levitate
Hold Item: Soft Sand
HP: 168
Attack: 116
Defense: 86
Sp. Attack: 108
Sp. Def: 110
Speed: 137
Pele Fire/Ground
Ability: Magma Armor
Hold Item: Charcoal
HP: 171
Attack: 105
Defense: 90
Sp. Attack: 142
Sp. Def: 108
Speed: 68

Pokemon League

Elon vs Sidney
Broly vs Mightyena
Mach Punch vs Double Edge
Mach Punch KO
Broly vs Absol
Mach Punch vs Aereal Ace
Broly gets severly injured with a gash across one of his arms. Switch for Poseidon
Slash vs Waterfall (KO)
Pele vs Cacturn
Eruption OHKO
Liam vs Crawduant
Thunder OHKO
Victoria vs Shiftry
Fly vs Double Team
Fly miss vs Swagger
Switch for Pele
Ember KO vs Swagger

Elon vs Phoebe
Persephone vs Dusclops
Crunch vs Protect
Crunch vs Confuse Ray
Full restore on Dusclops
Crunch KO
Victoria vs Banette
Crunch vs Grudge
Dragonbreath KO
Liam vs Dusclops
Thunder vs Earthquake
Bite KO
Pele vs Sableye
Eruption OHKO
Poseidon vs Banette
Waterfall vs Shadow Ball
Surf KO vs Shadow Ball

Elon vs Glacia
Liam vs Sealeo
Thunder OHKO
Broly vs Glalie
Mach Punch vs Icy Wind
Mach Punch KO
Liam vs Sealeo
Thunder OHKO
Pele vs Glalie
Eruption OHKO vs Hail
Liam vs Walrein
Thunder OHKO

Elon vs Drake
Poseidon vs Shelgon
Protect from Blizzard
Blizzard OHKO
Pele vs Altaria
Rock Slide(miss) vs Dragon Dance
Rock Slide vs Dragon Dance
Eruption vs Double-Edge(first)
Switch for Victoria
Double Edge
Full Restore
Dragonbreath (Paralyz Altaria)
Altaria can’t move
Dragonbreath KO
Poseidon vs Flygon
Blizzard OHKO vs Earthquake
Broly vs Kingdra
Leech Seed vs Dragon Dance
Switch for Liam
Body Slam
Thunder vs Dragon Dance
Leech seed sap KO
Poseidon vs Salamence
Poseidon struggles to stay standing after a Dragon Claw
Liam sent out
Thunder vs Dragon Claw
Liam is knocked aside by Dragon Claw, slamming into the wall.
Pele sent out
Rock Slide vs Dragon Claw
Full Restore on Salamence
Eruption vs Dragon Claw
Rock Slide vs Dragon Claw
Ember KO vs Dragon Claw

Elon vs Wallace
Liam vs Wailord
Thunder OHKO
Liam vs Gyarados
Broly vs Whiscash
Leech Seed vs Surf
Mega Drain vs Surf
Full Restore on Whiscash
Mach Punch
Whiscash withdrawn for Tentacruel
Switch for Poseidon
Ice Beam
Earthquake KO vs Hydro Pump miss
Victoria vs Ludicolo
Sandstorm vs Double Team
Toxic miss vs Double Team
Toxic vs Leech Seed
Fly miss vs Double Team
Switch for Persephone
Double Team
Howl vs Surf
Crunch KO
Broly vs Whiscash
Leech Seed vs Surf
Mega Drain KO
Liam vs Milotic
Thunder vs Toxic
Thunderbolt KO

- Elon maintains Champion status until she is defeated by Gryff (her cousin/Norman’s son). Nobody dies in this fight
- After her defeat Elon returns to Sinnoh
- Silver’s eggs hatch
o Sakura (hardy)
o Percy (serious)
o Greyson (docile)
- Hades and Persephone have kids
o Silver (docile),
o Marceline (naive)
o Ruby (serious)
o Emma (naughty)
o Phoebe (hasty)
o Sophie (mild)
o Eli (naughty)
o Hachi (gentle)
- Broly and Pallet get together

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